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    façade solutions - Plaster substrates

Plaster substrates are boards onto which a plaster system is directly applied. In timber construction these substrates are either fixed directly to the studs or they are installed as ventilated or unventilated cladding. Application ranges and requirements pertaining to plaster substrates are specified in the respective technical approval. These have to be followed together with the respective installation guidelines to ensure a performing facade. In addition to carrying the plaster system, most plaster substrates also act as structurally bracing members.
Manufacturer according to an approval
Product Manufacturer
Fermacell Powerpanel HD Fermacell GmbH DoP / ETA-13/0609 (pdf, 4077KB)
Fermacell Powerpanel H2O Fermacell GmbH DoP / ETA-07/0087 (pdf, 970KB)